Roger's Midget
Roger's Midget
Owner's name
What car do you own?
MG Midget
What colour is it?
Mineral Blue
How long have you owned it?
Since 1996
How old is it?
Built in 1978
Why did you chose that model?
Cheap. Handles better than an MGB
What work have you done on it?
Professional reshell in 2001, with chrome bumpers, A series engine, Frontline suspension, Weber carburetor, lots of shiny bits.
What other changes do you want to make?
A supercharger would be nice
Do you call it a name?
Only when it won't start
How many miles do you do a year?
Not enough
What memorable trips have you done recently?
Trip to the Lizard and the Caldicot show
If you could have any car, what would it be?
MG K3, C type, but most of all a Midget that never rusts or breaks down (what do you mean, it's called an MX-5?)
What tools do you always carry with you?
Mobile phone, credit card, wire, string, Gaffa tape, sandwiches, flask of coffee