Welsh National Vintage Extravaganza
29th-31st August
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Pembrey Racing circuit held this show. It was a day event or a weekend event. We went as a club event. Phil, Richard, Brian, Luke, Julie and I enjoyed the weekend very much.

The weather was dismal on Sunday, however we still managed a race around the track. It was good fun, we let Brian have the lead for the first lap, so then we all changed into third gear and left him behind, sorry Bri.

We had a good night in the club with our Star Guest Luke, who had a great following fan club, specially the girls lol.

My pic of the show was a 1957 Vauxhall Velox being the last 5 in production. It was found in a farmer's field rusting away for 40 years. It has been given great care and attention to detail. Two years later this beautiful car named "Billy" was back on the road. Well done to the owner Mr Kevin Harris of the SHV Club.

Report by Rob