MGLive! at Silverstone
20th June 2015
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After pretty good weather all week I suppose it was inevitable that the Saturday morning would be dull, wet and horrible. I wimped out, put the hood up and went the boring way down the motorway. My clutch has been misbehaving (time for a new slave cylinder I think) so an option where I didn't have to change gear too much seemed like a sensible option. I'm still running in the new engine after a rebuild, so to make matters worse I had to creep along at an embarrassing 60 miles an hour.

I refueled at Warwick services (tank full of super unleaded for the Midget, bacon double cheese burger meal for me) which would be enough to keep us going for the rest of the day. I'd booked the tickets in advance so sailed through the gate at Silverstone. As the weather had been dry this time I was able to park inside the circuit with all the other Midgets.

There was a very good turn out of all sorts of MGs, including Metros, Maestros and Montegos, ZR/ZS/ZTs and the new MG3s and MG6s. There were even a couple of MG SVs and a field full of MG (T)Fs, celebrating 20 years since it was launched. Of course all the Abingdon car types were there too, including a good turn out of square-riggers.

The weather was supposed to get better by dinner time, but it didn't, which curtailed my photography a bit. It did look as though it was going to clear up about 1 o'clock, but then the heavens really opened in the early afternoon, which was my cue to get a cup of coffee. The rain put a bit of a damper on the historic racing, but after coffee I went and watched a race from the stand - mostly MGBs, racing on historic tyres apparently - which given the amount of water on the track looked a little hairy. I was glad I was only watching and not racing.

One thing I did notice was that the number of 'Cars for Sale' seemed to be down this year. Also, most of the cars for sale were expensive and restored. You don't seem to see so many of the 'good runner, bodywork needs some attention' sales you used to see. I guess they have all either died or been restored. If you are looking for a cheap MG, I can recommend the MG ZS. They are almost giving them away and they are great cars. Well at least my late lamented ZS 180 was, until it was written off by an inattentive Ford Fiesta.

It might be me, but I thought there were also less traders than in other years. Perhaps the bad weather put them off. I did my bit and bought some shiny things - a set of BA spanners to adjust the tick-over as the engine runs in.

My favourite car of the show has to be the MG 18/100 Tigress, MG's first attempt at a supercar, launched just in time for the Wall Street crash. They also launched the MGB V8 just in time for the 1972 oil crisis.

The weather looked marginal when I was ready to leave and I was wondering whether to put the hood down or not. Then the lady parked next to me put her hood down, so honour dictated that I had to put mine down too. There was only one small rain shower on the way over to my friends in the Cotswolds and as I was going more than 40 for most of the time and I kept the windows up I didn't really get wet.

Then it was a good pub meal and a couple of pints in the evening and home the next morning. The clutch seemed to be working fine, so I went the pretty way up through Kidderminster, Bridgnorth and Telford with the hood down and the sun out (well mostly). The run was enough to finish running in the engine, so it is back to the garage this morning to have the head torqued down and the tappets readjusted. Then it's time for proper driving again!

Report by Roger