Stoneleigh MG & Triumph Spares Day
2nd March 2014
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This year the Stoneleigh Spares days for MG and Triumphs were combined, so it turned into a bigger event than usual. This meant a much longer queue to get in (I know, I meant to get up earlier) and also no undercover parking for MGs (or Triumphs) because these halls were now full of stands.

Once I'd got parked and walked across the site to the display halls it was well worth going. There were all the usual stands, from the big suppliers to purveyors of dubious-looking rusty bits, all the car clubs and lots of people selling insurance. I went in the Eurobox this year as the Midget has finally gone off to get its engine rebuilt for the supercharger I bought here in 2012, the day before my employer announced a big round of 'rationalisation'. A lot of water under the bridge since then and settling nicely into my new job, so things look stable enough to finally get it fitted.

Being full of the joys of spring, I treated the Midget to a new set of wheels as the old 2000 vintage ones are starting to look a little tired and its cheaper to buy new ones than to get the old ones refurbished, at least if they are for a Midget. Also went wild and bought a new set of Allen keys. I'm sure I have a complete set already - it's just they aren't all in the same place.

Lots of nice cars on display as always, including my dream car, an MG K3, which being one of the most original in existence was probably worth more than my house. Also a Swallow Doretti, very rare, based on a TR4 I was told.

So, notes for next year. Get there earlier. Remember to take a packed lunch and a flask (how much for a bag of chips?) and save up well in advance! And hopefully I'll be taking the Midget.


Report by Roger