Barry Festival of Transport
8th June
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We met at Forge Road at 8.30am and continued to the car show picking up Lorri and Richard in the lay-bye just off junction 33 on the M4. It was a short journey to the car show and to our surprise it was not in the same place as last year. This year it was on grass right next to the beach, shops and other utilities such as the chip shops, gift shops and amusements.  

The first thing to do was to put the gazebo up and for some reason it took twice as long as normal - we made a right pigs ear out of the job. But with that out of the way it was time to cook breakfast. Wayne and Helen have got a bay window camper and everybody was admiring it. Helen settled down in it as if they had had it for years and even the dog seemed to enjoy it.

 Soon it was time to wander and take some photos of the cars that stood out. Along the seafront we found a children's ride which was a VW camper so like big kids Lorraine and Beryl climbed in for a photo shoot. That’s it they then went on all the kiddies rides with Sue and myself laughing.

There were some really nice cars at the show including Buses and Coaches although we never went to see them. Matthew and Jenny came but without his MGB roadster because he had a long drive after the show and needed to leave early, but he did bring with him the most amazing lemon drizzle cake I have had for a long time. Everybody was saying he should be a cake maker by trade - it put Sue's ice slices to shame.

By late afternoon and after dinner just as we started to think about packing away the sky opened up with the heaviest downpour I have ever been caught in. There was a smart car, see photos, without a roof and I told the owner that I would be interested as to how he would put the roof on, to which he told me that it never had a roof. This soon came clear as I watched them drive off during thunder and lightning. Getting off Barry Island is harder than getting on it so once we packed up we went to the café to have a coffee and wait for the traffic to ease up a bit.

Next meeting Berkley Castle.       

Report by Geoff